Tuesday, October 26, 2010

commonwelth games (gymnastics)

Hi I,m JG and I am here today to tell you about the commonwelth gamnastics in Delhi for 2010.
I chose gymnastics beacuse I do it TR sister JR dose it and it is really fun maybe you shouould
try it. this is what the gymnaes do the men do 8 routines they are the team competition,all round final,floor,vualt pommel horse, ring, bar witch there are three diffrent routensen it.
the woman do 6 routiens the team compition,all round final

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Netball at the commonwealth games

The Silver Ferns have done so well and have beaten lots of countries like England,Paupa New Guinea,Jamacia,South Africa and Somoa.

On the 14 October, New Zealand and Austraila went head to head to see who won the gold. It was a tough and exciting game to watch.

It was October 15 2010. The Silver Ferns have done it, they have won the gold for New Zealand. The score was 66-64.We beat them by 2 points.All the pressure was on Maria Tuitia, to shoot the last goal to win the game in extra time.

The game was over,it was an awesome game.I'm glad we won. We now have 6 golds, 22 silver and 8 bronze. We have done extremely well at the Commonwealth Games in Delhi.

Commonwealth Games

The Commonwealth Games (2010) in New Delhi are ending.
Jordan Rae came fifth in vault for gymnastics . Jordan Rae is in the New Zealand gymnastics team.

First for vault was the Austrailian team. Canada came second, and England came third.
the Australian team got 18.57, Canada got 17.48 and England got 16.33.


Rugby 7s By JK

The New Zealand Rugby 7s team landed in Delhi and warmed up for their first game against Canada. We won 43-7 and started preparing for our second game of the heats. It was against Guyana and we won again 52-0. Go New Zealand. Our very last game of the heats was against Scotland and the good news is that we won 46-0.

We made it into the quarter finals. So far we were undefeated.It looked we would win from the start.We beat Wales 31-10. We then waited to play England in the semi-finals. We beat them 33-12 and made it to the finals.At that moment we had a good chance of winning.

Our last game was the grand final against Australia. We beat them 24-17. We won and got the gold medal to add to our tally of gold. We were undefeaten throughout the whole of the Commonwealth Games Rugby 7s tournament Congratulations New Zealand!

by JK

Monday, October 18, 2010


Rugby 7s has finished and we won. Yay!Rugby 7s was only for men.It was played at Delhi University. Rugby sevens was only on for two days.It was not surprising that we won because we are one of the best rugby teams in the world. I do think they did a really good job.

Rugby 7s was my favourite game in the Commonwealth Games because everything else I don't get how to play apart from wrestling and weight lifting but those are boring.

We got one gold meal for winning rugby 7s.I think everyone in the team that wins,should get a gold medal each and that it counts on the medal table.We would have ended up with 12 gold medals.

When we played Canada first we won 43-7 .Then when we played Guyana we won 52-0.Then when we played Scotland we won 46-0.We made to the finals and as I said before we won!!!


Commonwealth Netball

The amazing Silver ferns,have beaten England in A netball game,and they have beaten Samoa.The team members are Ruth Aitken[coach] Temapara George[wing attack] Casey Williams[captain] Maria Tutaia[goal attack] Katrina Grant[goal keep]Irene Van Dyke[goal shoot] and Liana Barrette Chase, Leanna De Bruin,Joline Henrey, Laura Langman, Grace Rasmussen, Anna Scarlet and Danika Wapiti.

It was a busy night when the Silver ferns played England .On the first half England were ahead of NZ but the Silver Ferns were very keen to win so they sped up and won at the end of the game.
On Thursday the 14 of October we played Australia and...

commonwealth games shotput

"We're back here in Delhi live, Todays sport is shotput!" "WHHOOOOO!!!" scream the crowd.

We have one more country to get through.

"Ok up next representing New Zealand Valerie Adams." " WHHOOOO!!!" screamed the crowd jumping out of their seats.

"The put is in her hand. Here she goes"
" GRRRRRRRRR" screams Valeria.The put is in the air still going, still going, still going

SPLAT!!! "Adams 20 metres throw is a new Commonwealth Games record!!!.The gold medal goes to Valerie Adams from New Zealand. WHOOOOOOO go NZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Commonweath Games Report

Commonwealth Games Report

I haven't watched any Commonweath Games but I am aware that New Zealand was 1tth on the medal table scoring 3 more solid golds this morning.

We have got 5 gold medals so far and at one thirty the netball game NZ VS Australia kicks off. We have too many silver medals but that boosts us up the medal table.

We had to settle for silver in the hockey. We needed to beat Australia to get the gold but we lost in the penalty shoot out.

Gymnastics Commonwealth games report!

Gymnastics Commonwealth

Games report!

My sister Jordan Rae has been to the Commonwealth Games in Delhi.She went to take part in gymnastics.Jordan made it into the vault finals, where she was placed FIFTH!She also got into the floor finals and was placed SEVENTH!Jordan has now got a Commonwealth Games standing of 12th,which means she has qualified for the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS in ROTTERDAM! Text Color

To get ROTTERDAM,Jordan has to catch an aeroplane,then catch another aeroplane,then hop on a train and then jump on a coach (bus) to where she staying. That is a very hard thing to do when you are 15.

If Jordan gets a standing in the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS then she will qualify for the OLYMPICS in two years time!

I miss you so much Jordan.This worlds no fun without you,its not the same shopping without you telling me what to buy and what not to.I'm waiting for you to come home.TR!!!!!!!!!

Commonwealth Games Report-Silver Ferns

The Silver Ferns have won gold in the Commonwealth Games in Delhi. They have beaten the Aussies! It was an extremely tough game. The Silver Ferns were cramping up in all sorts of places but when the last shot was thrown into the net all the crFont sizeamps went away and the Silver Ferns were rolling on the floor and some were even crying. They were joyful tears.

The Australians were all miserable, but they had put up a good fight. The last 40 minutes of the netball game was just breath-taking.

When Prince Edward was giving the gold medals to the New Zealand netball players Temepara George gave Prince Edward a huge hug.

Go New Zealand!!!! Go the Silver Ferns!!!!!! :)

Commonwealth Games Report

Rugby 7's

New Zealand won the rugby seven's for the fourth time in the Commmonwealth Games. These games where hosted at the Delhi University. New Zealand's first game was against Canada. New Zealand won 43-7! The next was game against Guyana and won 52-0. Wow, New Zealand's cleaning everyone up!

New Zealand had a big break after that! The next game was New Zealand and Wales,we won
31-10. Then finally my team South Africa played Scotland. South Africa wins 10-7 (close win) Then sadly South Africa lost to Aussie 17-7.

The truthful moment came, the finals. Aussie and New Zealand. I was wondering who was going to win this? It was 17-7 to Aussie. I gave up and said "New Zealand lost!" Then suddenly a try to New Zealand by Forbes which made it 14-17 plus the conversion kick. Then another try! It came from an offload 5 metre behind the New Zealand's team tryline!! Then New Zealand were leading 19-17 with 30 secs to go on the clock!

New Zealand locked it up with a runaway try to the winger and made it 24-17!! They celebrated with an amazing Haka. New Zealand has won the Gold medal and made everyone proud!

written by MLM

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Birthday Buzz!!!

Today on Tuesday 14 September it's a super, special day. Our teacher Mr K and a student from room 13 T R are having a birthday. But that's not the only birthday today. There are two other birthdays as well. One of the students parents and Mrs L another teacher at the school. Happy Birthday everyone who is having a birthday today. It is a very special day and you will all agree with us.
Written sincerly by JK and MM

Thursday, August 26, 2010

RB Dance Evening

The year 5 and 6 dance eveing was so much fun. Room 13 did the Jump Jam dance Kotahitanga. We had a laugh when the parents did it. I took my dad on stage with me. Room14 did a play that was cool. Room 12 did a dance with sticks.We did a song called Way Haul Away. Six boys did the part"If you go and kiss the girls your lips will go all mouldy!." There are some photos that I have put on for you that are also on our. RB

Friday, August 20, 2010

Dance night

On Thursday 19th August we had our dance night.Room 13 did a dance called Kotahitanga.My favourite part of the evening was when we went up to the audience and got our parents to do half of the dance, Kotahitanga.I got my mum up.It was very funny to watch all the parents do the dance all wrongly. Mr T came up and did a dance with the kids.Mr T was very funny.

I'd like to thank all the year 5 and 6 teachers for helping us learn all the dance moves and songs. J.D

The best dance evening ever!!!:)

It was six o'clock on a dark night, everybody eager to start busting their moves.Our theme for 2010 was The Maori Culture. The first song we sang was Tena Kotou, a Maori Waiata.The second verse was sung by our three soloists, AJ, VM and HH.Then the wonderful year 6 dance group strutted their stuff with Naturally by Selena Gomez. Everyone sang along and enjoyed the dance. Then the brilliant, spectacular, stunningly, awesome, wicked Room 13 blew away the audience with Kotahitanga. We left the dance floor with the audience's mouths wide open. After our amazing dance Mrs P stood out on the floor and we sang Way Haul Away. After Mrs P set the tune, 5 boys sung verses 1 & 2 joined by the lovely harmony of the choir! The parents clapped wildly as we moved back to our places.Next up was room 12. They were using rapou sticks.Their music had a wonderful beat to it. Then the dance floor was room 14s. They had a different theme called the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Quazimodo was a very interesting play/dance.We then sang Purea Nei with Mrs F conducting. There was a thunder of applause afterward. The second to last dance was by room 15.They had a rhythmic drum beat from Samoa.It was very cool because they were sitting down and only using their hands and arms. Now for the last dance of the night was Room 22. They did a jump jam routine with a haka at the start.We finished with our final song SIX MONTHS IN A LEAKY BOAT!!!!The crowd went mad and sang along with us. Then the moment we have all been waiting for... ...FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Welcome to Room 13

Welcome to Room's 13 Blog. Please feel free to comment on our work. We are very proud of our efforts. We are going to grow this blog so that it looks fantastic.