Thursday, August 26, 2010

RB Dance Evening

The year 5 and 6 dance eveing was so much fun. Room 13 did the Jump Jam dance Kotahitanga. We had a laugh when the parents did it. I took my dad on stage with me. Room14 did a play that was cool. Room 12 did a dance with sticks.We did a song called Way Haul Away. Six boys did the part"If you go and kiss the girls your lips will go all mouldy!." There are some photos that I have put on for you that are also on our. RB

Friday, August 20, 2010

Dance night

On Thursday 19th August we had our dance night.Room 13 did a dance called Kotahitanga.My favourite part of the evening was when we went up to the audience and got our parents to do half of the dance, Kotahitanga.I got my mum up.It was very funny to watch all the parents do the dance all wrongly. Mr T came up and did a dance with the kids.Mr T was very funny.

I'd like to thank all the year 5 and 6 teachers for helping us learn all the dance moves and songs. J.D

The best dance evening ever!!!:)

It was six o'clock on a dark night, everybody eager to start busting their moves.Our theme for 2010 was The Maori Culture. The first song we sang was Tena Kotou, a Maori Waiata.The second verse was sung by our three soloists, AJ, VM and HH.Then the wonderful year 6 dance group strutted their stuff with Naturally by Selena Gomez. Everyone sang along and enjoyed the dance. Then the brilliant, spectacular, stunningly, awesome, wicked Room 13 blew away the audience with Kotahitanga. We left the dance floor with the audience's mouths wide open. After our amazing dance Mrs P stood out on the floor and we sang Way Haul Away. After Mrs P set the tune, 5 boys sung verses 1 & 2 joined by the lovely harmony of the choir! The parents clapped wildly as we moved back to our places.Next up was room 12. They were using rapou sticks.Their music had a wonderful beat to it. Then the dance floor was room 14s. They had a different theme called the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Quazimodo was a very interesting play/dance.We then sang Purea Nei with Mrs F conducting. There was a thunder of applause afterward. The second to last dance was by room 15.They had a rhythmic drum beat from Samoa.It was very cool because they were sitting down and only using their hands and arms. Now for the last dance of the night was Room 22. They did a jump jam routine with a haka at the start.We finished with our final song SIX MONTHS IN A LEAKY BOAT!!!!The crowd went mad and sang along with us. Then the moment we have all been waiting for... ...FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Welcome to Room 13

Welcome to Room's 13 Blog. Please feel free to comment on our work. We are very proud of our efforts. We are going to grow this blog so that it looks fantastic.